Review: Mother by Philip Fracassi


Mother by Philip Fracassi
Like the universe itself, the world of relationships can be mysterious, terrifying, beautiful, and ever-expansive. Within the cocoon of a marriage, the bond between two people can become predatory, often selfish. Emotions become conniving, thoughts turn deadly. And if that swirling organism of love and anguish blurs into the dark realm of the supernatural, anything can happen…

*I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads. I would like to thank Philip for the signed copy of his book.*

This novelette by Philip Fracassi was unsettling…in a good way. I love horror stories and horror movies, especially ones that have to do with the spiritual world and/or the occult. This book managed to give me a good horror story told in 40 pages. Since it was a novelette, I feel like I cannot reveal too much in my review (would hate to spoil anything). What I can say is that I especially loved the honesty from the narrator, Howard. It was eery reading his innermost thoughts. His horrifying ideas and things that he admitted to himself were scary all on their own, throw in a dash of the occult and you end up with a story along the same lines as Rosemary’s Baby (which I love btw). I say “along the same lines” but their plots are really not similar at all.

In a way, it’s a story we’ve all heard before but this time it’s told with a brutal honesty and the uncensored thoughts of the narrator (some pretty disturbing thoughts) which manages to change the way the story is experienced. The imagery and the descriptions really helped bring the story to life and send chills down your spine. I love the fact that I was able to experience a classic horror story scare in one sitting.

I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get a good horror fix.