Review: Slash by Evan Kingston


BLURB: Slash is a metafictional erotic thriller / comedic murder mystery / romantic slashser, originally published in seven parts.
Alex Bledsoe would rather die than reveal her secret crush. As a star of TV’s #1 family drama, she’s certain coming out of the closet would end her career. Worse still, her one true love is America’s hottest young actress, Lissa Blaine, who just happens to play her older, prettier, and smarter big sis each week on Koop’s Kitchen. So Alex hates Lissa too, wishes her dead every time she stumbles onto the tabloid covers with a Long-Island in hand and some new B-list beefcake on her arm.
Desperate for an outlet each night after filming wraps, Alex closes the shades on her trailer and reads slash stories on internet fan-fiction forums: trashy little tales written by viewers about an imagined romance between her character and Lissa’s. All unbelievable moans and trite whispers, the fantasies are so incestuously metafictional, Alex believes them best taken to her grave—until an anonymous author begins to post violent slash stories, and Alex’s lusty dreams start to open up graves of their own.
As Alex struggles to decide whether she is turned on or disturbed, Koop’s Kitchen’s real-life actors start dying in suspiciously similar scenes. Sure that the parallels are more than coincidence, she begins to search the stories for suspects and clues instead of steamy caresses. But as she works to catch the killer before he slashes again, Alex realizes that revealing the secrets she’d die to hide might be the only way to save the lives of everyone she loves.

I was approached by the author Evan Kingston to read his book in exchange for an honest review. He was kind enough to provide me with a copy of his series in 7 parts (Sorry this has taken me so long, real life got in the way of my reading).

Without further ado…

I was interested in reading this series since it deals in the world of fanfiction and I’ll admit…I’ve read a lot of fanfiction, so after reading the blurb, I was intrigued. I’m going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible…

The beginning was a bit slow to start and there was a lot of information to take in such as characters, story line, tv show’s story line, fanfiction story lines, etc. but once that was established the author did a good job at having the story flow. I love a good murder mystery and I love when an author can keep me guessing (whodunit?!), this story had a very fun way of ending on a cliffhanger at the end of every part/episode/whatever you want to call it.

Alex was a relatable character, for a celebrity, she’s in love with her co-worker Lissa and do not ask me what she sees in her. The whole time I was reading, I just wanted to slap Alex and be like, “she’s not a good person and you deserve better!” Lissa was the worst, nothing about her character was relatable or redeemable, I could not see Alex’s infatuation with her. Now Perry, was a character who came off as a total sleeze that I ended up warming up to. He ended up being my favorite out of all the characters. He was very good comic relief during some intense moments. These two create an unlikely duo trying to discover who is behind all of the murders and they had a great chemistry together which made it fun to go down the list of suspects with them in each part.

I am worried to say too much because I would hate to spoil anything but I really enjoyed the opportunity to read something by a smaller author and am honored that he trusted me to review his work. Again, I’m sorry it took forever.


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