Review: Sacrifical Lamb Cake by Katrina Monroe

IMG_3331Sacrificial Lamb Cake- Katrina Monroe
Oh. My. God.

Rain Johnson escaped the insanity of her radical environmentalist family, only to end up waitressing for a living. Her scale of success—with her at the bottom—only goes as high as that college degree she never got, until she gets one hell of an epiphany from a Trinity Corporation public-relations guy who calls himself Jude. He tells her she’s the Lamb of God, and it’s time for that whole Second Coming thing. But when her first minor miracle gets her arrested and an ecoterrorist using the name Messiah starts blowing up pesticide plants, Rain and Judas are in for way more apocalypse than either of them expected.

Jude scrambles to save his personal plan for salvation, but Lucy, the devil herself, has her own well-laid plans. It doesn’t matter that Rain’s a conflict-avoiding lesbian and Jude is history’s worst traitor. They’re all that stands between humanity and an end of the world that wasn’t supposed to happen.

*i received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads. I would like to thank Katrina for the signed copy of the book and the delicious cup of coffee.*

This is my first book to read by Katrina Monroe and I found her writing style similar to that of Christopher Moore; this book reminded me a lot of “Lamb” which is a book that I absolutely loved so I knew I would be enjoying this book.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was as much about Jude/Judas as it was about Rain and I actually ended up liking Judas. I know, its blasphemous of me to like the traitor, right? but this book did a good job of depicting him as an ordinary guy who had a lot going on, made the biggest mistake of his life, has forever regretted said mistake, and is looking to redeem himself.  So yeah, he was a bad guy but he’s trying to change that, leave him alone and as the Bible says, “let him who is without sin, cast the first stone…” –guess I’m disqualified.

Rain is a likable character as well, surprisingly go with the flow in her unusual circumstance but not unbelievably so. She’s just a girl in love, broke, not much going for her, crazy family and she’s just trying to make it one day at a time. Initially I thought she would not be a character I would like but I was proven to be wrong.

This book brings humor, real characters, and the fun hypothetical “what would I do if someone said I was the Messiah?”. I like to think that I would go around a hospital healing people all day long and was kind of sad that there wasn’t more healing in the book but I guess Rain did have the apocalypse to deal with. I’ll cut her some slack. The only blip for me while reading this book was when I came across something that I have seen before on Tumblr. I am very active on Tumblr which is probably the only reason I recognized it, this will probably not have any effect whatsoever on the average reader but for me I felt the book could have gone without it, only because I had experienced the humor of it before so finding it in a book caught me off guard. This does not mean that the content is not originally from the author because Tumblr is a vast world and I cannot even pretend to know where everything originated from.

Overall this was a quick, fun, weekend read for me and if you like Christopher Moore’s style, check out this book, you may find a new author to add to your list, ’cause she’s just getting started.


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